for harpsichord

Marc Yeats

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for harpsichord

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Composer Marc Yeats
Year of Composition 2010
Duration ca.10'

Categories (all composers) ,
Catalogue ID ce-my1r1


rhêma: “that which is said or spoken.”

Rhetoric is the art of using language to persuade. It normally follows three methods of logos, pathos, and ethos, as well as the five canons of memory, invention, delivery, style, and arrangement. Along with grammar and logic or dialectic, rhetoric is one of the three ancient arts of discourse. From ancient Greece to the late 19th Century, it was a central part of Western education, filling the need to train public speakers and writers to move audiences to action with arguments. The very act of defining has itself been a central part of rhetoric, appearing among Aristotle’s Topics. The word is derived from the Greek rhētorikós, “oratorical”, from rhétōr, “public speaker”, related to rhêma, “that which is said or spoken, word, saying”, and ultimately derived from the verb erô, “to speak, say”.

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Commissioned by BBC Radio 3. First performed by the dedicatee, Mahan Esfahani, Leeds, October 29th. 2010.