On Visiting Stravinsky’s Grave at San Michele

for solo piano

Erika Fox

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for solo piano

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Composer Erika Fox

Year of Composition



ca. 10'

Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-ef1ovsg1


Stravinsky was the first 20th century composer whose work had as immediate an impact on me as music of the past. Perhaps this is why, when I visited the cemetery in San Michele (Venice) where his remains lie, I was jolted out of a rather long non-creative period. It was immediately afterwards that I jotted down the somewhat, for me, bold and direct ‘theme’ in octaves, with which the piece begins, and the rest followed quite quickly. The piece consists of a number of apparently unrelated ideas, starkly juxtaposed, which are then ‘clarified’ by dint of varying repetition, becoming familiar together, so that they no longer seem unrelated.  It ends with a short ‘reminiscence’ from Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms’ played in canon.