Rupertsberg Songs Book Two – Ecstasis

music theatre piece for solo voice

Brian Inglis

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music theatre piece for solo voice

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Composer Brian Inglis

Year of Composition



ca. 6-7'

Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-bi1rs2


This piece for solo female voice is based on the medieval legend of St Ursula, which was a great inspiration to abbess Hildegard of Bingen (who wrote many Latin liturgical texts in her honour in the mid-twelfth century, originally designed to be sung to her own chant melodies). The legend concerns an English princess who, with a group of virgin followers (11,000 seems to have been a scribe’s error), was set upon by a band of marauders while travelling on pilgrimage through the German empire. When the women refused to submit to rape, they were massacred instead.