O Euchari

for soprano and piano

Brian Inglis

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for soprano and piano

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Composer Brian Inglis

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Catalogue ID ce-bi1oe1


Hildegard of Bingen wrote two pieces on the subject of St Eucharius: a responsory, and the extended liturgical sequence set here. St Eucharius was a missionary of the third century AD who with two colleagues introduced Christianity to the city of Trier (whose bishop he later became). Much of the poetic imagery of the sequence relates to his introduction of the Word and its Mass to the people of Trier. In stanzas iv and v the image of dawn is evoked to celebrate the inception of the Church in Trier; stanza vi refers to Eucharius’s preaching on the Old and New Testaments (‘vetus et novum vinum’). In the last stanza, Eucharius is entreated to petition for Christ’s help in ensuring the population of Trier continue to re-enact his ‘vivens holocaustum’ (‘living sacrifice’ – ie, the Mass).