Farewell, sun! (Adieu, soleil!)

Cantata for female voice, electric guitar and laptop

Craig Vear

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Cantata for female voice, electric guitar and laptop

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Composer Craig Vear

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This composition explores the imaginary sound world evoked by a quote for Jules Verne’s book Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea(s) (1869): “Adieu, soleil! s’écria-t-il. Disparais, astre radieux! Couche-toi sous cette mer libre, et laisse une nuit de six mois étendre ses ombres sur mon nouveau domaine!”.. This poetic phrase, a surprising and moving lament by Captain Nemo, directed at the vanishing Antarctic sun as it retires for the Austral winter, is capable of being interpreted in several ways. It is, by its content, a deep and dark composition due to its literal and metaphoric associations. But, for me, the homonym of sun (for son) offers a more personal interpretation of the phrase.

Farewell, sun! (Adieu, soleil!) (2015) is the second movement of a collection of works entitled the Sea Quartet.

NOTE: These scores are based in software. Although they share many similar properties to that of paper based/traditional scoring methods, they also benefit from the usability and functionality of dynamic software environments. The visual information will be familiar to the musician and welcomed by a curious spirit of adventure. Above all, these scores are responsive, evolving as the performance progresses – giving the feeling of being alive – and should be considered as co-operative creative partners.

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