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New Voices – What Composers Edition can do for you

Sound and Music New Voices at Composers Edition

New Voices – What Composers Edition can do for you

 Sound and Music New Voices at Composers Edition


Composers Edition works with Sound and Music to offer New Voices composers a special opportunity to benefit from professional self-publishing services available at Composers Edition.

What is Composers Edition?

The current music publishing sector is such that traditional publishers are unable to support the vast majority of composers operating today.  For this reason many professional composers are left without a publisher or with a few works individually published with specialist publishers.  Most composers are in effect self-employed, self-publishing artists who take on a variety of work and develop their careers independently through commissions, competition and selling their works direct to performers.

Composers Edition was established in 2013 in order to address these circumstances, offering a third-way solution.  Outwardly designed to resemble a traditional publisher, Composers Edition offers professional publishing, production and promotional services to its composer members.

How does Composers Edition membership help New Voices composers?

Many of the challenges facing developing professional composers are similar to those for more experienced composers – getting representation, producing scores and parts, marketing and distributing works.  Composers Edition provides the professional platform on which to build a composing career.   As a New Voices Composers Edition member you will recieve the same service as those with professional membership:

  • Online profile including biographical and contact information
  • Online catalogue of scores and performance materials, publicly available for purchase
  • Full product pages for all works including programme notes, score previews and embedded media such as audio and video samples
  • 1st class professional print services and worldwide delivery at trade prices*
  • Marketing opportunities focussed on online promotion
  • Remittances from all sales of digital and printed scores and parts
  • Support in promoting your work 

* We work with leading music printer Halstan who have been producing sheet music for major publishers including Music Sales, Boosey & Hawkes, Oxford University Press and Schott Music since 1919.

How can you make it work for you?

Simply by being a Composers Edition member will give you professional profile and an association with both a cohort of professional composers and a growing publishing business that is firmly establishing itself as one of the most innovative and forward thinking enterprises in contemporary music. Those members who make the most of it are those who actively use it to promote their work and their profiles.  And, by helping yourself, you are also helping your fellow CE composers!  Here are some ways in which our members use Composers Edition:

  • Sending potential performers copies of scores
  • Holding a stock of scores, ready to give and send to promotors and performers
  • Shifting the cost of print production to performers by including the purchase of performance materials in commissions
  • Ensuring liveried professional products on performance stages
  • Sending links to CE works pages (all of which include previews and the option to include audio and video clips).
  • Using the CE logo and links in social media on websites and email footers
  • Having CE approach specific performers and promotors about work.
  • Letting CE know about what your up to so that we can help promote you – we’re always happy to do features of premieres and important performances.
  • Having scores and parts made up, so that you don’t need to – it’s cheaper than the high street, full publishing quality and you should be spending your time doing more important work!
  • We do still have your profile and all of the works previously catalogued and will be happy to republish these as well as any further works you have composed or prepared for publication.

The New Voices Deal 

Working with Sound and Music, Composers Edition is able to offer New Voices composers 1/3 off membership for three years – £200 rather than £300 per annum.  The first years membership (which may be paid out of the Sound and Music allowance) is due on application.  Further quarterly fees will be due from the 5th quarter’s trading (set from the date when the member profile and intiial catalogue are published).

New Voices receive 10% remittances from retail sales of printed works and 15% remittances from the sale of downloaded digital works.  Sound and Music recieve matching remittances.  When a New Voices member purchases her/his own works (such as for production or promotional use) they will be able to use a coupon and receive a full 20% discount (Sound and Music will not receive remittances from these purchases).

Composers Edition was created primarily to serve composers who were once New Voices themselves and we are very proud to be able to offer this service to help developing artists reach their full potential.

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