Tuning & Balance Exercises (brass quintet version)

for brass quintet

Torbjörn Hultmark

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for brass quintet

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Composer Torbjörn Hultmark
Year of Composition 2018
Duration -
ISMN 9790570682638


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Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-th1tabe3


These exercises can be practised one instrument-group at a time – horns, trumpets, trombones/tuba – before putting it together for the full ensemble. Due to the doubling nature of the writing (octaves and unison), not all parts need to be filled for the exercises to be fully worthwhile.

Start any practice-session by making sure that EVERY PLAYER PLAYS WITH A FULL, FREE AND RESONANT TONE – this comes first, BEFORE attempting any detailed tuning practice. Then build the tuning practice from bottom up, starting with the low brass (trombones/tuba), gradually adding horns and trumpets. Perfect octaves and fifths initially, then add more notes. Complex chords need to be tuned with the same care and attention to detail as simple intervals and three-note chords.

This work is also available for symphonic brass, brass dectet and brass band.