Die Modularitäten

for ensemble

Sam Hayden

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for ensemble

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Composer Sam Hayden
Year of Composition 2007
Duration 20'-30'
Forces picc/afl, eflat.cl/bcl, ssax/bsax, pf, vln, vla, vc, elec, amp
Categories (all composers) ,
Catalogue ID ce-sh1dm1


In computer science, Modularity is the property of computer programs that measures the extent to which they have been composed out of separate parts (or modules). This is analogous to the composition of this piece in as muchas it is comprised of quasi-independent materials for different subgroups of theensemble. However, the extent to which the musical modules remain autonomous is variable as the instruments frequently oscillate between their roles as soloists and as part of a collective group. The performers are also directly involved in the decision-making of how to link and combine materials into an overall musical form. I have provided some guidelines about what can and cannot happen; creating a kind of ‘open form’. The retro-sounding title isintentional; it’s about time for a 1950s Neue Musik revival.