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Ryan Latimer

Horn Scale
Ryan Latimer Horn Scale

for brass quintet

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Horn Scale - score
Horn Scale - score (download)
Horn Scale - score and parts
Horn Scale - score and parts (download)

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NOTE 1: The term Horn Scale, named after the semanticist Laurence Horn, is a key notion in the linguistic field of pragmatics and also forms a fundamental concept in the Cooperative Principle. The principle aims to delineate the appropriate behaviour and language that one must use in order to have the most pragmatic conversation with another. I found it somewhat amusing that such an overly elaborate principle was necessary to conclude what we already know through common sense and intuition; ie. that one should be truthful, relevant and unambiguous.

NOTE 2: In this piece, the horn sometimes plays scales.

Additional Information

Composer Ryan Latimer
Year of Composition 2013
Instrumentation Horn in F, 2 Trumpets in Bb, Trombone, Tuba
Duration 5
Student Difficulty N/A

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