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Richard Emsley

for piano 1-6
Richard Emsley for piano 1-6

for solo piano

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for piano 1-6 - piano
for piano 1-6 - piano (download)

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for piano is a series of solo piano works begun in 1997, and continuing thus far up to for piano 15.

By way of an introduction to the pieces, I quote the words of the pianist Philip Thomas:

'Three qualities which I value in Richard Emsley's music are the tendency toward prolonged and sustained lyricism; the creative approach to musical time and its measurement; and the way it provokes me as a pianist to explore the subtleties of touch. What is clear is that a heightened sense of lyricism is at the heart of this music. The lines...breathe and even soar in an almost late romantic manner though as if dislocated from their context, at once rarefied and detached. Individual pieces do not 'develop' as such but instead expand and contract, move faster or slower, show preference to one melodic or rhythmic motive or another. Each moment of a work could be said to encapsulate the whole. It is this approach to form, and the measurement of time, which presents the listener with a mystery. In one sense Emsley's music is not 'challenging' in that it is not difficult - no analytical or historical knowledge is needed to appreciate this beautiful succession of moments. However it does challenge our contemplation and experience of time. As a performer I am entranced by the intricacies and variety of melodic and rhythmic nuance. These challenge me to respond with an equal variety of touch that I might enhance the life and breath of this strange song'.

Listen to this work and others on Richard Emsley's Soundcloud.

Additional Information

ISMN 9790570680641
Composer Richard Emsley
Year of Composition 1999
Instrumentation Piano
Duration 43'30" approx.
Student Difficulty N/A

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