False Start

for amplified ensemble (2-5 players) and networked laptops

Craig Vear

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for amplified ensemble (2-5 players) and networked laptops

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Composer Craig Vear

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The title of this piece is borrowed from a Jasper Johns painting from 1959. Johns’ works have been a point of inspiration for many decades, due to his abstraction of found materials into artworks that are recognised and appreciated on their own merit. Like Johns’ painting, this composition focuses on colour, and the blurred boundary of shape and meaning. It also focuses on play; as in the playful interaction of juxtaposed colour in space and time, and the playful transformation of found material. This reference to the ‘found’, and the ‘being’ of itself, is a central focus of this composition, and like Johns’ works the focus is not on the source materials but on the articulation of those through the artist’s abstraction into something else that is, at all times, the source, the process, the result and the interpretation.

False Start was commissioned by the Icebreaker Ensemble.

NOTE: These scores are based in software. Although they share many similar properties to that of paper based/traditional scoring methods, they also benefit from the usability and functionality of dynamic software environments. The visual information will be familiar to the musician and welcomed by a curious spirit of adventure. Above all, these scores are responsive, evolving as the performance progresses – giving the feeling of being alive – and should be considered as co-operative creative partners.

Please click on the score above for a full description of the concept of the work, as well as technical and performance instructions (including full instrumentation).

As sold by Composers Edition this product includes all the files necessary to perform the work including the software files and media samples. Due to the size of these files these will be delivered via online transfer. To receive your files please email [email protected] stating the operating system on which you wish to run the files: MacOS/Windows.