Inducing Darkess

for piano quartet

Phillip Neil Martin

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for piano quartet

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Composer Phillip Neil Martin
Year of Composition 2003
Duration 8'30"
Categories (all composers) , , ,
Catalogue ID ce-pnm1id1


Inducing Darkness was first inspired by ‘The Raven’, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe part of which is quoted at the top of the score: ‘Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming…’

Inducing Darkness falls into two sections that are almost equal in length plotting a large structural arch over the whole canvas. The first half rises from the bass to the high treble and the second half descends back down to lowest registers of the piano. Each section maps out a long crescendo, though each half of the piece may be divided in half once again to show a similar process happening in miniature. The predominant structure pitches of the work are Bb and E, appearing in the opening bar, which fight throughout with B and F for supremacy.

The music is lead by a series of solos with each player guiding the music either firmly up or down – depending on which half the soloist appears. The piece concludes with the piano finally dragging the whole ensemble down into their lowest registers, culminating with faint echoes of the rumbling bass from the opening – and darkness.