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How it Works

Presentation of works

Each work is presented on its own search-engine indexed page, including a preview viewer, details of the works including forces, duration, date and short programme notes, plus any video or audio media available.

 Works are organised by both composer and forces and searchable by title, composer, date forces, duration and programme note.

 Composers may include as many works as they wish, both as scores and parts.


Each member benefits from a dedicated profile on the Composers Edition web site.  The contents of this page will be developed with you and may include links to website and social media profiles


Composers Edition and its members are activity marketed to musicians, ensembles, orchestras, retailers and international distributors through its newsite, email-marketing (CE Club), social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and all major search engines. Our strategy focusses on ongoing awareness-raising, providing publicity and support to musicians and organisations who work with our composers. This is then backed-up by our friendly, speedy personal service.


In 2021 the Composers Edition team was joined by Isa Gibbs as Performing Artist Services Manager, a role focussed on developing our relationships with all kinds of performers from leisure-time choirs to orchestral conductors. Through this we are opening up performance opportunities for our composers. In addition we are developing a commissioning tendering service to make the process, clearer, easier and more attractive for prospective commissioners .

Further Services

Composers Edition is always working with its members, developing the services that they require. Included as part of membership are:

  • Professional Representation – Making your voice heard when it counts
  • Book Publishing – We don’t just produce and sell sheet music, we also produce books and teaching aids – see CE Books
  • Nkoda Publishing – Get your works on to the worlds biggest digital platform for sheet music

In addition you can make use of our extended professional services:

  • Professional Website Design, Development, Maintenance and Hosting
  • Typesetting
  • Digitisation of scores and parts
  • ISMN & Legal Deposit Registration

Score and Parts Preparation

Scores and parts are published as received from the composers (hence the name Composers Edition).  Each document is prepared for print, online preview and digital download with branding and blank pages necessary for correct pagination.  No editing of the music is undertaken, the responsibility for which remains with the composer or rights-holder.  Documents should be provided by the composer in print-quality PDF format.  We also offer a digitisation service where required.

Product Specification

Printed scores and parts are produced in A4, B4 and A3 portrait and landscape formats as standard, but other formats are also available.  Documents are spiral or saddlestitch (staple) bound according to format and number of pages.  Should you have any specific requirements for alternatives (e.g. fold-outs), these will be catered for wherever possible.

Digital scores and parts match printed counterparts in format. We also publish other digital files (such as audio files or software patches) as required.


Pricing for the sale of scores and parts is generally set by Composers Edition and designed to offer excellent value to our customers whilst asserting value and generating income for our members.

For larger works, Composers Edition negotiates hire-fees, striking a balance between value for customers and returns to members

Member Remittances

Members receive the following remittances from Composers Edition trade:

Printed Works Sale : 20% of sale price
Printed Works Hire : 20% of standard sale price + 50% of remainder should a greater hire fee be negotiated

Digital Works Sale : 30% of sale price
Digital Works Hire : 30% of standard sale price + 50% of remainder should a greater hire fee be negotiated

Remittances are paid to composers quarterly, at the end of the subsequent quarter via bank or online service transfer.  The first remittance being due at the end of the second quarter.


Subscription operates on a quarterly basis for a fee of GBP100 +VAT.

The first two quarterly subscription fees, totalling GBP200 +VAT, are due at registration.  The official subscription start date is either a) the first day on which an initial set of works (as agreed with the composer) are made available for sale via the Composers Edition web site or b) the first date on which an order or service is processed.   From the third quarter onwards the subscription fee is collected quarterly in advance via Direct Debit.

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