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Soloists & Chamber Groups

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fit for your recital, on a mission to expand the repertoire for your unique ensemble or looking for the ideal collaborators, we’re here to speed up your repertoire search and illuminate new possibilities!

Whatever your needs you’ll get a personal service from the Composers Edition team. Performing Artist Services Manager Isa Gibbs is standing by and would love to hear from you!

Find the perfect fit for your programme

If you head over to our catalogue search or any category you’ll be able to search and filter according to composer(s), duration and year(s) of composition. You can also select particular composer(s) and combine any of these with text search of anything from a particular instrument to a theme or type of work. Here are some examples:

String quartets of 10 to 20 minutes duration

Solo piano works + ‘sonata’

Chamber works + ‘electronics’


Great repertoire ideas

If you’ve already got an idea of what you’re looking for – perhaps something to fit the theme of your concert – go ahead and send us a call for works and we’ll gather a hand-picked collection of great repertoire suggestions for you. 

Undiscovered works

Living composers continue to produce new works so there may be works by our composers which aren’t yet published but could be perfect for your performance. Plus, often our composers will be happy to make adjustments to existing pieces so they work just as well for your choir. Find out more with a call for works.

Collaborate with our composers

Perhaps you’re looking to record a set of new works but you’re not sure where to begin, or sketching plans for a multi-media project you’ve been dreaming of for years. Here’s your chance to make it happen! Let us in on your plans by emailing Isa Gibbs at [email protected] and we’ll help you find the perfect composer-partner.

Premiere a new work!

Join the CE Club to receive email updates on pieces awaiting their first performance or email Isa Gibbs at [email protected] and grab the chance to make history! Find premiering opportunities here, and keep your eyes peeled for updates!


Our composers’ work isn’t solely acoustic. Amplification, pre-recorded tape parts and interactive set-ups broaden sonic possibilities. Take a look at the CE repertoire employing electronics here or drop us a line to plan a collaborative project.

Instruments from the past

New music’s not just for modern-day instruments. Lutes, cornetts, viols, and the like – we’d love to see lots more new works calling on the lesser-heard sounds and techniques of earlier eras! [Take a look at our existing catalogue for early instruments here] or drop us a line to explore the possibilities for commissioning.

Cross-cultural and cross-genre

If your background isn’t in western classical music you’re very welcome here too. Whether you’re a jazz musician, a folk musician or trained in another classical tradition we’d love to help you combine soundworlds with our composers!

Celebratory publicity for your event

As a community getting together to perform you’ve got an inspirational story to share. Be featured in our news on the CE website, mailing list and through our social media accounts, with special features and profiles for your important events. Take a look at what’s new to see how we celebrate performances of new music!

Commission a new work!

As well as having the privilege of bringing a new work to life, including a premiere in your programme is a great way to build a sense of anticipation and intrigue to draw your audiences in. Here at Composers Edition we want you to know that, whoever you are, you can be a part of musical history by commissioning new work – specially composed for your ensemble.

Composers love to get to know those performing their works for the first time and can take an active part in your special event, attending rehearsals, performances and giving talks. 

Since the process of commissioning can be somewhat of an enigma, we’ve made it our mission to help demystify it for you, guiding you through what is a truly exciting process. And as ever, we’re here to advise and support you throughout your project.

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