Encouraging the Professional Composers of the Future

It’s not easy being a professional creative artist and here at Composers Edition we do all we can to support our members as they stake out their pitches and develop their relationships with performers and commissioners – through all the practical services and support that we offer. We are also aware of our limitations, in particular that we are not able to take on those just starting out in the their professional lives. However, that does not mean we are not interested in supporting budding talent – indeed it is arguably vital for our future.

So, what does it take? Vision, creative and technical aptitude and tenacity are prerequisite, but how you present yourself and your work and how you relate to those ‘in the business’ can also be key to making progress.

Getting good advice is a really good way to move your thinking forward and this is something we can help with. Perhaps you’ve just received your first few professional engagements, gained experience through an artist develop programme or gained some success through calls for scores. You might be coming to the end of your higher-level studies, or be looking to simply move your composing up a professional gear, having previously focussed elsewhere.

If you’re serious about a composing career, such as that enjoyed (as well as earned!) by our composers, then do get in touch. We don’t have any magic wands, but we can give you some of the benefit of our experience – a Composers Edition view of your practice.