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Michael Zev Gordon

Violin Concerto
Michael Zev Gordon Violin Concerto

for solo violin and orchestra

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Violin Concerto - score
Violin Concerto - score (download)

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My concerto is in a conventional three-movement form. However, the standard formal pattern of fast-slow-fast is replaced by moderato-fast-slow; the second movement flows straight into the third; and the first two movements open with similar material, which will surface again in the final one.

Reshaping convention like this comes from wanting to write music that is connected to the familiar and traditional, but which also embraces the less familiar and contemporary. In this way, I hope to widen my means of expression, and also to create fresh musical relationships. So, tonal sonorities rub up against, or elide with, more dissonant ones; simple rhythms, when superimposed, lead to poly-metric richness; harmonies progress but also circle; harmonic colours range from basic intervals to complex clusters.

Additional Information

Composer Michael Zev Gordon
Year of Composition 2017
Instrumentation orchestra, Violin
Duration ca. 24'
Student Difficulty No

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