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Martin Iddon

Martin Iddon spinther

for ensemble

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spinther - score
spinther - score (download)

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Aside from being the genus name for a modern segmented worm and the nickname of a Roman consul associated with both Cicero whom he helped to defeat the Catiline Conspiracy" and Julius Caesar, spinther refers, in the Gnostic tradition, to a spark !or 'splinter' of transcendental light, awakened with the coming of knowledge. It may be considered, in some situations, an example of the immanent presence in a living being of pneuma, the spirit. In this sense, spinther stands at the intersection between the physical, phenomenal world and the transcendental, noumenal world.

As has been the case in a number of my recent pieces, spinther is also the title of a light installation by the artist James Turrell.

spinther was written for Ensemble Modelo62.

Additional Information

Composer Martin Iddon
Year of Composition 2010
Instrumentation ensemble
Duration 7'
Student Difficulty N/A

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