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Martin Iddon

Martin Iddon pneuma.kharis

for bass clarinet, baritone, slide trumpet/soprano trombone and tenor trombone

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pneuma.kharis - score and parts
pneuma.kharis - score and parts (download)
pneuma.kharis - score (download)
pneuma.kharis - score

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pneuma.kharis has no score, only parts for each instrument. Each part is entirely independent, and each player may begin to perform at any point. At each double barline, a fermata is indicated. Such pauses may be of any duration, although the total duration of the piece should probably not exceed 12 minutes. Though no particular coordination between the parts is intended, the performers should not necessarily feel that the particular lengths of their pauses and the order in which performers enter must be different on each occasion; it would be wholly licit to decide in advance upon a wholly fixed ordering, just as it would be licit not to, or to change such a fixed version at a later date. In any case, some moments of silence are almost certainly desirable.

Additional Information

Composer Martin Iddon
Year of Composition 2013
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet, Slide Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone
Duration 0
Student Difficulty N/A

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