for piano, percussion and violoncello

Martin Iddon

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for piano, percussion and violoncello

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Composer Martin Iddon
Year of Composition 2015
Duration ca.20'


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Catalogue ID ce-mi1l1


You should see us try to fix numbers on our slates.

Not the cuneiform weapons of swordfish could aid us

when rounding off near an estuary.

Doing arithmetic, we turn color like the octopus.

Geometry is just as difficult – adding aquaeous angles

during rough winds made one of the Limnades weep.

(We weep anyway, by our hems and hair ends.)

But counting spirals and stripes on shelly things delights us:

noticing series voiced by cicadas, likewise

There’s solace in the horizon: the nothingness above

divided by this teemingness below

makes room, which we come to figure.

-Ange Mlinko, ‘Naiad Math’

limnades has no score, only parts for each instrument, divided into a number of small modules. These modules should be performed in order, with silences between each module. Silence may also precede the first module or follow the final module: a part may begin or end in silence. These silences may be of any duration, including very long durations, within the restriction that the piece is expected to last any duration between 15 and 20 minutes. Each of the modules containing repeated notes may, itself, be repeated as many times as desired. The number of repeats may, too, lead to a module having a very long duration.