stretta for Disklavier

Martin Iddon

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stretta for Disklavier

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Composer Martin Iddon
Year of Composition 2011
Duration ca.12'


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Catalogue ID ce-mi1k1


Karya is an extension of my earlier vocal quintet, hamadryads, and, like that earlier piece, makes use in the generation of its pitch material of Josquin’s Déploration on the death of Johannes Ockeghem, Nymphes des bois. It is the first in a series of solo pieces taking Josquin’s lament as a starting point, each of which will be based on a particular ‘reading’ of the source text and will take the title of one of the eight types of hamadryad named in the Greek mythological tradition. Karya is named for the hamadryad who was bonded to the walnut or hazelnut tree since, of the trees with which the various hamadryads were associated, walnut is the only wood regularly involved in the manufacture of pianos.

Karya consists of two separate pieces. The first, Karya α, is for piano alone. The second, Karya β, comprises a second piano piece to be played alongside a Disklavier recording of the first. Since the Disklavier records not sounds, but the physically actions of the pianist, in this second part, keys and pedals which were depressed in the performance of the first piece are again depressed, leading to a physical ‘interference’ between the two performances.

Karya was written for Rei Nakamura and lasts some twelve minutes.

Performance of this work requires additional media files. When ordering, please contact Composers Edition to receive these via a file transfer service.