cantata su testi di ispirazione sacra - a spiritual cantata

Mario Pagotto

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cantata su testi di ispirazione sacra – a spiritual cantata

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Composer Mario Pagotto
Year of Composition 2019
Duration -


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Catalogue ID ce-mp1t1


Theós is a musical reflection, the search for a path, among the many possible, within spirituality. Despite the evident secularization of our society, it sometimes appears as an indispensable requirement and one that cannot be ignored. The music, the most impalpable among the arts, penetrates the texts of the same Pagotto and leads through a network of quotations from works of mystical authors belonging to different eras and different religious denominations. Other texts are taken from the Paradise of Dante Alighieri and from the book of Qoelet (the biblical Ecclesiastes) whose Vanitas vanitatum, which has had so much influence in the western cultural conscience (an example for all the Canto to itself of Leopardi) leaves the horizon boundless, open to every personal and intimate interpretation.