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Composers Edition offers typesetting services to members, this includes:

 *   Typesetting, proofreading and editing of scores and parts prior to publication;
 *   Copying of handwritten or other non-digital formats;
 *   Parts extraction/formatting from scores that have already been typeset;
 *   Scanning/digitisation of works where only a hardcopy is available.

The work is undertaken by CE Manager Sam Roberts who offers a range of other services, such as midi conversion of scores or other audio, editing for audio excerpts or sample recordings and other mixing/mastering based services.

Although most work is undertaken in Sibelius and Logic X, Sam is able to accept files in Finale and Dorico format. Other work is undertaken in Melodyne, Wavelab, Adobe software and others.

Pricing is calculated on a job by job basis, depending on the length, complexity and instrumentation of each work.