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Scrolling Score Videos

Research indicates that video scores are a valuable way to present works to prospective performers, researchers and students. Composers Edition has teamed up with member composer Ian Stephens to offer a scrolling score video publishing service, giving members the opportunity to showcase their works with high definition video of scores, professionally presented with audio from a performance. These will be promoted on the Composers Edition Youtube channel and will also be showcased via the Composers Edition news channels including the mailing list, Facebook and Twitter. Members will also be able to freely share the video via their own social media accounts and on other websites of their choosing.

We recommend the use of live or studio recordings, rather than software-generated renderings from scores. Responsibility for clearing permission to use recordings lies with the member and we will require written assurance/evidence that this is the case.

Fees: £30 per work + £1 per minute. Discounts available on four or more pieces.

If you’re interested in discussing the service with Ian, please email him at [email protected]