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Publishing via the nkoda app

Aimed at professional musicians, educators and students nkoda is the leading app for accessing, annotating and sharing sheet music. It provides access to over 30 million pages of sheet music – everything from solo works to full orchestral sets – including works from nearly all the major publishing houses and many smaller publishers too, all for a monthly subscription.

All use is tracked, with publishers getting full reports and a percentage of the revenue, based on the amount of time each score or part is viewed. nkoda are also introducing a paid print feature. The team behind it are very energetic and offer regular opportunities to promote our repertoire and composers. It also means that if you sign up for a subscription yourself you can carry around your works with you.

As a Composers Edition member you can put all your works on nkoda (or leave some out if necessary) without charge. All you need to do is let us know which scores and parts you wish to make available. You can also get an nkoda app subscription for a special rate of £6 per month instead of £9.

How much do I get paid for making my works available on nkoda?

Views of each score and part via the app are fully tracked by nkoda and remittances paid on a per-second basis. The rate is determined by nkoda subscription income. Composers Edition then pays the usual 30% digital remittance on what it receives from nkoda and this is calculated on an annual basis.