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Professional Representation & Support

There’s no two ways about it – being a professional composer today is tough. It requires faith, determination and a dizzying range of soft and hard skills. Even when you delegate work out you need to have your eye on everything and to boot you probably do other work as well.

Fully utilised the other parts of your Composers Edition membership can alleviate some of the workload, whether it’s producing printed editions, dealing with sales, typesetting, website maintenance or making the most of the limelight when your work is performed and celebrated. What we also stand ready to do is support you with our reputation, putting our experience to work, helping you find the best way forward.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of speaking as your professional representative. You might find you’re knocking on a door and not getting a response. We’ve found that simply writing as one business to another can open doors and get communication flowing.

We can help too when it comes to securing commissions or major performances. Whether it’s writing in support of funding applications or you being able to offer up the advantages of working with a CE composers such as publicity and guaranteed publication and distribution of the work through our network of buyers.

On other occasions it’s simply advice you need or someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off. Dan Goren has been working in world of music for over 20 years and while he makes no claims to being an expert, a little knowledge has rubbed off along the way! What’s more, discussions often lead to us expanding what we find we can offer you and your fellow members.

At the end of the day Composers Edition’s success is built on helping composers make the most of the opportunities out there. Helping you helps us!