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News Publishing

Maintaining a public profile is vital for attracting both performers of existing repertoire and commissions for new works. Doing so can be tough for independent composers which is why Composers Edition offers a free news publishing service as part of your membership. Our strategy focusses on ongoing awareness-raising and providing publicity and support to musicians and organisations who work with our composers. This is then backed-up by our friendly, speedy personal service.

What’s newsworthy?

News is about creating narrative, about you, your work and those you work with, be performers, a record label, festival or collaborator. As soon as a composing project gets off the ground, there’s news which may be shared: What’s the composition about? What form will it take? Who will performing? What’s the occasion? We’ll help create and share that initial news for you. As the big moment approaches whether it’s a premiere, significant new production or recording release, it’s a great time to be shouting about it again, drumming up interest and concert ticket sales. Once the big day is over there’s a work to then sell, to try and get more performances for. We can be using the publication of the score (and parts) together with any feedback from players or audience plus media such as recordings or photos.

And it doesn’t have to be a big event. Every performance deserves noting as do other relevant happenings – a new teaching post, an award, inclusion of a track on a CD and so on. A regular trickle of small news items is arguably more effective than a single big splash. So however seemingly minor or uncertain a project may be it’s worth talking about.

What your Composers Edition membership offers:

  • Full news editing service based on information you supply
  • Original content such as interviews and Q&A articles with you, performers and/or promotors of your work
  • Publishing on our online shop and news website
  • Promotion through our CE Club email list – published monthly
  • Promotion through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram