A different kind of urban

for SATB choir, brass ensemble, timpani and percussion

Liz Lane

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for SATB choir, brass ensemble, timpani and percussion

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Composer Liz Lane
Year of Composition 2017
Duration ca.22'
Categories (all composers)
Catalogue ID ce-ll1adkou1


Like many, I had certain pre-conceptions about Milton Keynes when I first approached writing A different kind of urban; however, I have since had the good fortune to be guided into a deeper understanding of the many strands that make up this remarkable town. A recce visit with The Open University Choir conductor Bill Strang and lyricist Judi Moore in February 2017, both long-time residents, opened my eyes to a rich wealth of history when we visited key artefacts of the town (none of which I will divulge here, as it would take away from the marvellous narrative of Judi’s lyrics!).

A different kind of urban was commissioned by The Open University Choir to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes and first performed by The Open University Choir and Brass Ensemble, conductor Bill Strang, The Hub Theatre, Open University, Milton Keynes, 23 November 2017.

The commission was made possible by donations from members and friends of the choir: Pauline Barnes, Peter Barnes, Juliet Baxter, Gill Booth, Helen Boyce, Rhiannon Davies, Felicity Head, Barbara Hodgson, Tim Hunt, Allan Jones, Mary Lea, Jan Lloyd, Hilary MacQueen, Eleanor Milburn, Steve and Jenny Potter, Robin Rowles, Bill Strang, Jan Taylor.