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Kevin Malone Lilith

for piano solo

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Lilith - piano
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Lilith is the first piece in a collection of works entitled Unsung Herstories. These works focus on issues of women's identities, equality and recognition through exploring biographical events in the lives of women who are relatively unknown. Each work is based on material initially presented in Lilith, and also explores marginalised or seldom-used techniques of piano playing.

According to Abrahamic myth, Lilith was fashioned at the same time as Adam and from the same substance, and therefore was equal to him. But Adam did not appreciate an equal partnership, and thus Lilith was banished from Eden, with Eve subsequently created from Adam's rib, and consequently beholden to him.

Lilith was the ur-woman, a person without any sisterhood or maternal example. How should she act, what should she feel, and who was that only other person - the male Adam? Anxiety and confusion are expressed through numerous hand-clusters and sudden, wide-ranging contrasts in musical styles as Lilith tries to forge an identity.

The first performance of Lilith was given by international artist Diana Lopszyc at La Scala, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 26th November 2013.

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ISMN 9790570681693
Composer Kevin Malone
Year of Composition 2013
Instrumentation Piano
Duration 10'
Student Difficulty N/A

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