for orchestra

Jeffrey Holmes

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for orchestra

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Composer Jeffrey Holmes
Year of Composition 2011
Duration ca.11'

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Catalogue ID ce-jh1s1


Straumr (2011), for orchestra (Old-Norse: stream, current), is unified by a common melodic theme and its development, a consistent harmonic language comprised of several recurring elements, including: non-octavating vertical equal temperament; microtonal divisions of equal temperament tuning; both overtone and undertone intervals and tunings, as well as synthetic overtone and undertone series (symmetrical intervalic patterns, rather than asymmetrical pure overtones), and an ever-present rhythmic talea (a number series that is reflected kaleidoscopically in the foreground, middleground, and background). The form is comprised of one long trajectory of motion. Variety is created through many different textures interacting simultaneously, built upon isomorphic levels of activity.

This work is divided into 9 sections: Myrkr [darken]; Hrið [storm]; Allharðr [violent]; Þoka [mist]; Hljóðr [placid]; Blakkr Sky [dark clouds]; Lǫgr Rata [rain]; Flóð [flood]; Foss [waterfall]

Overall, Straumr is an expressive representation of turbulent Scandinavian winter storms set in one large mythical arc, comprised of constantly varied waterscapes of intense moods and esoteric images in varying densities, together creating an epic liquid journey as it moves toward its dramatic and violent conclusion.