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Jeffrey Holmes

Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá
Jeffrey Holmes Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá

for soprano, flute, percussion and guitar

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Myrkrida, Ljosleida - full score (B4) (download)
Myrkrida, Ljosleida - full score (B4)
Myrkrida, Ljosleida - perusal score (A4) (download)
Myrkrida, Ljosleida - perusal score (A4)
Myrkrida, Ljosleida - full score and parts (download)
Myrkrida, Ljosleida - full score and parts

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The monodrama Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá (Rider of Darkness/Path of Light) was composed for Kirsten Ashley Wiest in the summer of 2016. This work is a dramatic meditation on death, both the unknown and foreboding nature of its inevitability, as well as the imaginings of a resolved afterwards. Many individual theoretical and stylistic elements are employed: non-octave harmonies, various microtonalities including both equal-tempered and just-intonation microtunings, a variety of “leitmotif” like melodic motives; extended and developed rhythmic talas, large-scale formal proportional symmetries, and extended performing techniques such as: singing into the flute; a soprano part that requires percussion playing; various percussive and flamenco techniques in the guitar part; and bent vibraphone keys. This multi-dimensional musical language, supported by a strong rhythmic drive, serves as the foundation of Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá (Rider of Darkness, Path of Light). With a text in Old Norse written by the composer, an ancient tongue blends two simultaneous stories: a difficult, violent, and painful journey toward the moment of death, represented by soprano and flute duo, and a recollection of the moment of death as remembered from a peaceful afterlife, where soprano and flute and joined by guitar and percussion. These two intertwined stories build in intensity, approaching the moment of death from opposite directions in time, culminating in an ending a cappella soprano recitation, providing hope and solace.

Additional Information

Composer Jeffrey Holmes
Year of Composition 2016
Instrumentation Flute, Percussion, Guitar, Soprano
Duration ca. 27'
Student Difficulty -

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