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Jeffrey Holmes

Jeffrey Holmes Fragments

for soprano and piano

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Fragments - score
Fragments - score (download)

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Fragments, for soprano and piano, was composed in the summer of 2010 for Kirsten Ashley Wiest. These four pieces are not designed as traditional songs with melody and accompaniment (Lieder). Instead, the melismatic vocal line is more of a chant or a spell, and the piano and voice are equal partners in presenting both the literal and implied elements of this vague story or series of images. The text is by the composer, and is a compilation of separate words from a variety of anonymous Latin sources, that presents a further autobiographical meaning.


I. Horumque Visum Contegas.
II. Fera Pessima, Draco Ferus antiquatus qui dicere, frui ferito. Quare non sum Mortus?
III. Stella Maris, Miserorum exauditrix, Stella Maris.
IV. Qui Lux es et dies, Tu furoris temperies. Speravi.


I. And hide their sight with darkness.
II. Most evil, whom the old fierce Dragon are called...I was wounded, why did I not die? I have hoped.
III. Star of the Sea, you who hearken the wretched, Star of the Sea.
IV. You who are the light and day, you the tempering of fury...I have hoped.

Additional Information

Composer Jeffrey Holmes
Year of Composition 2010
Instrumentation Piano, Soprano
Duration ca. 15'
Student Difficulty -

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