for male voice, lur and percussion

Jeffrey Holmes

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for male voice, lur and percussion

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Composer Jeffrey Holmes

Year of Composition


, ,


ca. 15'

Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-jh1e1


The text for Erilaz is taken from an esoteric, and probably magickal, inscription made on a bone antler carved into the shape of a rib bone, made between the 2nd and 4th centuries CE, and found in Skåne (modern-day Sweden), cataloged as the Lindholm Amulet (DR 261, Rundata).

The carving was made in the Elder Futhark written system of runes, notating a Proto-Germanic or Proto-Scandinavian dialect. The meaning is not clear, but it appears to be a magickal or ritualistic chant or appeal to the Old Gods. Both the transliteration and the interpretation of the original runic text are made by the composer.


I am Erilaz [a powerful warrior or ruler made from magick]. I am a wise one [a reference to the God Oðinn]. : Invocation to eight Gods or eight invocations to Oðinn. Three invocations to the nature-spirit,

Three declarations of need or want,
Three pronouncements to the God Tiwaz (Týr) of War, Justice, and Honor. : Magickal formula “Ansuz Laguz Uruz” [Mouth of River, Lake, Rain]. :

Note: This text is in the public domain. All transliterations, notations, pronunciations, and interpretations have been made by the composer.