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Jeffrey Holmes

Jeffrey Holmes ERILAZ

for male voice, lur and percussion

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ERILAZ - score (download)
ERILAZ - score
ERILAZ - score and parts (download)
ERILAZ - score and parts

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The text for Erilaz is taken from an esoteric, and probably magickal, inscription made on a bone antler carved into the shape of a rib bone, made between the 2nd and 4th centuries CE, and found in Skåne (modern-day Sweden), cataloged as the Lindholm Amulet (DR 261, Rundata).

The carving was made in the Elder Futhark written system of runes, notating a Proto-Germanic or Proto-Scandinavian dialect. The meaning is not clear, but it appears to be a magickal or ritualistic chant or appeal to the Old Gods. Both the transliteration and the interpretation of the original runic text are made by the composer.


I am Erilaz [a powerful warrior or ruler made from magick]. I am a wise one [a reference to the God Oðinn]. : Invocation to eight Gods or eight invocations to Oðinn. Three invocations to the nature-spirit,

Three declarations of need or want,
Three pronouncements to the God Tiwaz (Týr) of War, Justice, and Honor. : Magickal formula "Ansuz Laguz Uruz" [Mouth of River, Lake, Rain]. :

Note: This text is in the public domain. All transliterations, notations, pronunciations, and interpretations have been made by the composer.

Additional Information

Composer Jeffrey Holmes
Year of Composition 2018
Instrumentation Baritone Saxophone, Percussion, Voice
Duration ca. 15'
Student Difficulty -

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