L’Enfant Avec Les Trois Clepsydres

for violin and horn

Ion Marmarinos

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for violin and horn

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Composer Ion Marmarinos
Year of Composition 2017
Duration 6'30"

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Catalogue ID ce-im1latc1


Inspired by the mechanisms of the hourglass, this duet identifies each instrument with each chamber of the hourglass. The dialogue in the first two sections between violin and horn refers to all tones of the mode utilised by the horn; they are gradually reduced to represent granules that empty from the upper chamber. Accordingly, the violin part demonstrates an accumulation of tones used from the horn’s mirror mode, a process which mimics the filling of the lower chamber.

Through lyricism and playfulness the first two sections reflect a child’s exploration and experimentation with the hourglass, while the last section reveals its function and purpose. Here, the violin’s melodic line resembles theme and variations, symbolising change and evolution. The horn imitates the ticking of the clock, with staccato crotchets.