Le Chemin Qui Brille

for chamber ensemble

Ion Marmarinos

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for chamber ensemble

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Composer Ion Marmarinos
Year of Composition 2018
Duration ca.8'


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Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-im1lcqb1


The path that shines” was inspired by the journey of the snail and the trace that is formed by the slime it leaves behind. The path encounters the light of day and through its shine it becomes visible. Organized in three sections, the first utilizes a motif structured on wide intervals, which gradually transform and decrease. The process imitates the snail’s body movement, which is visually clear at a close distance and becomes less evident as it slides away. Inspired also by its shape where head and tail are almost identical, a palindrome formation of harmonies and temporal units imitate the repetitive movement of its body. At an overall slow tempo, an incremental transformation of the primary motivic material is set against repetitive harmonic and melodic figures. In other words, a co – existence between forward – moving and static time gradually becomes evident.