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Composer Application : Further Information

Your branding, concept, technical setup and online mechanisms are absolute genius. And I think this is the future of music publishing. That's why I am involved!
Camden Reeves, CE Composer

Presentation of works

Composers Edition is one of those rare and valuable platforms where their composer members feel substantial support and backing from their publisher....No one is more genuinely passionate than Dan Goren and his colleagues at Composers Edition to raise awareness of their composer members
Bushra El-Turk, CE Composer

Each work is presented on its own web page, including a preview viewer and details of the works including forces, duration, date and short programme notes.

 Works are organised by both composer and forces and searchable by title, composer, date forces, duration and programme note.

 Composers may include as many works as they wish, both as scores and parts.

Composer Profile

Composers Edition is a brilliant innovation because it creates links between composers and performers, and breaks down some of the barriers that exist where big publishers come into play. As composers, we retain our independence, and copyright, yet our voices carry more weight when part of a group. So for promotion this makes perfect sense. And for performers, Composers Edition is an excellent portal for accessing a wide range of music from today's composers, but without the extortionate costs of purchasing music from the big publishers.
Richard Whalley, CE Composer

Each composer benefits from a personal profile on the Composers Edition web site.  The contents of this page will be developed with you and may include:

  • Links to web sites
  • Social media links
  • A personalised email alias such as [email protected] which will forward messages directly to your own private email address.


Composers Edition and its members are promoted online through social media, advertising and editorial.  One of the key strategies is to build on the individual and collective reputations of member composers through existing and emerging networks.  As part of composers are able to use Composers Edition to publicise and market performances, commissions and recordings.

Additional services

Composers Edition offers a range of complementary services from professional representation to web design and management.  Further details of these is available to applicants.

What if I am approached by a traditional publisher, or have works published elsewhere?

Composers Edition has been developed for the benefit of composers and the contract with Composers Edition is non-exclusive.  Source Music Services will make no claim whatsoever to any part of composers' work.  Composers choose which works you publish through Composers Edition.  If composers wish to publish works elsewhere, they are free to do so.  By the same token, signing works to a traditional publisher is no barrier to publishing other works through Composers Edition.

Having worked with Composer's Edition, I have been impressed by its integrity and real desire to support emerging composers today. It is a unique service and will be useful to many composers wanting more control over their own publishing.
Angharad Cooper, Sound and Music

Score and Parts Preparation

Scores and parts are published as received from the composers (hence it being called the Composers Edition).  Each document is prepared for print, online preview and digital download with branding and blank pages necessary for correct pagination.  No editing of the music is undertaken, the responsibility for which remains with the composer.  Documents should be provided by the composer in print-quality PDF format.  Paper documents will not be accepted although advice on digitisation is available.

Printed Document Specification

I have been published by Composers Edition since 2013, and have been very impressed by the company throughout this time. They offer a supportive, efficient service without losing the sense of a real, personal connection. It is always easy to contact a staff member for queries and issues, and materials are always made available online quickly and with no problems. The company is also clearly keen to develop, constantly exploring new possibilities to get composers' works in front of new performers, and to make materials more readily available and attractive. I'm very pleased with the relationship I have with CE, and look forward to working together with the company as it grows in strength and stature.
Rob Fokkens, CE Composer

CE is a very welcome injection into the publishing world of new art music in the UK. The up-to-the-mark understating and use of technology means that new work is quickly brought into the arena and presented at a high level of professionalism.
Vic Hoyland, CE Composer

Printed scores and parts are produced in A4, B4 and A3 portrait and landscape formats.  Documents are wiro, spiral or saddlestitch (staple) bound according to format and length.  Should you have any specific requirements for alternatives (e.g. plastic bindings, being preferred by some choirs), these will be catered for where possible.  Alternatives may affect the retail price.


The pricing of scores and parts is set by Composers Edition and designed to fulfil three aims:

  • Offer better value than tradition publishers
  • Provide low costs to composers
  • Deliver a financially sustainable model that will help ensure the continued success of Composers Edition

Sample returns to composer:

32-page A4 score 60-page A3/B4 score
Printed Document Price = £6.99
Return to composer = £1.40
Printed Document Price = £14.99
Return to composer = £3.00
Digital Download Price = £4.89
Return to composer = £1.47
Digital Download Price = £11.99
Return to composer = £3.60

Subscription Fee and Sales Remittances

Subscription operates on a quarterly basis for a fee of £100.

The first two quarterly subscription fees, totalling £200, are due at registration.  The official subscription start date is either a) the first day on which the first batch of works (as agreed with the composer) are made available for sale via the Composers Edition web site or b) the first date on which an order or service is processed.   From the third quarter onwards the subscription fee is collected quarterly in advance via Direct Debit.

The minimum term of subscription is 12 months from the subscription start date.  After 12 months the term of subscription will be quarterly.

The sales remittances are paid to composers quarterly, at the end of the subsequent quarter via bank transfer.  The first remittance being due at the end of the second quarter.