Hultmark Method

‘It is the best, simplest, and sanest approach I have yet encountered’ – John Wallace CBE – former Principal Trumpet with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Head of Brass at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and Principal at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

‘A valuable and refreshing take on familiar and not so familiar concepts. Highly recommended!’ – Mark David – Head of Brass at the Royal Academy of Music, London

‘Lots of well organized material for all playing levels…a really nice overview of all aspects of trumpet playing.’ – Raymond Mase, Chair of Brass, The Juilliard School.

‘Torbjörn Hultmark’s trumpet method is ingenious. At once succinct and remarkably comprehensive, he addresses every imaginable element of trumpet playing, from fundamentals through to extended techniques such as circular breathing and multiphonics. Brilliant!’ – Rex Richardson, International Trumpet Soloist

‘A welcome addition to any trumpet player’s library across all ability levels’ – International Trumpet Guild Journal

‘A very valuable addition to the library of the serious trumpet player. It gathers different aspects of trumpet playing…this book has it all in one.’ – Kristian Steenstrup, Professor of Trumpet, the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark.

‘I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute. There’s something new and refreshing on every page. The topics covered are concise yet in fully comprehensive steps’ – Mark O’Keeffe – Principal Trumpet of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Trumpet, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

‘Really precise and to the point exercises that cover the whole range of playing required these days’ – Philippe Schartz – Principal Trumpet, BBC National Orchestra of Wales

‘Fits today’s students perfectly. Great exercises, inspiring to use.’ – Urban Agnas – Soloist, member of Stockholm Chamber Brass. Former solo trumpet of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Professor of Trumpet at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Germany.

‘This intelligent approach to learning, borne from years of experience in excellence, is a must for for the 21st century trumpeter.’ – Dean Wright – Principal Trumpet of the Orchestra of Welsh National Opera, Professor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

‘I am delighted to use this book as a valuable resource on a weekly basis with my students. These studies address in detail the many techniques which are required of the modern tuba artist’ – Tony Swainson – Senior Brass Lecturer and Professor of Tuba at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

‘I cannot recommend this book highly enough to players of any brass instrument, or any brass teacher’ – Brass Herald, issue 72 February 2018

This method is for anyone from elementary to advanced who wants to learn to play the better. Some exercises and studies require a significant level of skill but most can be adapted to suit almost every level and every stage in a player’s development.

The exercises have all come about through a desire to find solutions, or sometimes just a different angle, to particular aspects of tone control, be it breathing, articulation, range or stamina, i.e. the essential basic tone-production techniques required in order to learn to master these wonderful but sometimes also rather awkward beasts: brass instruments!

Some exercises may be quite new to you, others will be similar to existing material (we stand on ‘the shoulders of giants’, whether predecessors or great contemporaries!), but all exercises are here presented and developed in a way that I hope will encourage a new approach in your daily practice.

Only exercises that have proven again and again to be genuinely helpful have been included. I hope that they will be of as much use to you.

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