for solo piano

Emma-Ruth Richards

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for solo piano

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Composer Emma-Ruth Richards
Year of Composition 2012
Duration ca.6'
Categories (all composers) ,
Catalogue ID ce-err1f1


In fantasia the spacious texture is articulated through a series of chords orchestrated using both extreme upper and lower registers of the piano. As the music moves through these chords the ear is continuously brought inwards towards the centre of this space where a small melodic line begins to form in middle register of the piano; I wanted to create a sense of containment in a vast landscape and therefore chose to accentuate the vastness and distance of space at the start of the piece by marking the Outer chords as fff and the small germ of melodic material as pppp. As the piece progresses, the register of the outer chords moves in a contrary motion towards the middle of the piano and the melodic line, based on a Romanian folk song hora spoitorilor, gradually gains momentum, organically developing into a fantasy-esque interpretation of the song. My aim when I began this piece was to create a long continuous melodic line out of a single strand of melody winding a single tune around itself so that it gradually formed into a much richer, more complex texture that started in the middle register of the piano, absorbing the space created around it by the outer chords, and gradually moving up the keyboard until totally disappearing out of the top of the space altogether.