de Stâmparare

for solo oboe

Emma-Ruth Richards

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for solo oboe

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Composer Emma-Ruth Richards

Year of Composition



ca. 4'

Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-err1ds1


de Stâmpare translates into English as ‘soul cry’ and is piece is based on a Romanian folk song called Hora Spoitorilor; the theme can be heard in full right at the end of the piece.

In writing this piece I was particularly interested in how I could use a single line to create space through its gestural activity and in doing so give the impression of straining, stretching out towards something. The sustained notes develop out of gestural activity and in the higher register of the oboe have a quasi-vocal, strained sonority similar to an expressive, high note sustained by a soprano voice or trumpet in the clarino register. When listening to these sustained tones on the oboe they really do seem to have more of a presence than just the pitch being played. In order to emphasise this I sometimes combined the single tone with a pitch-bend to enhance the emotional effect of this ‘imperfect’, human quality: a cry from the soul.