West Coast Sci-Fi Blues Trance

for string quartet

Ed Bennett

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for string quartet

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Composer Ed Bennett
Year of Composition 2019
Duration ca.10'


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Catalogue ID ce-eb1wcsf1


West Coast Sci-Fi Blues Trance takes as it’s starting point real reports made in 2018 by several commercial airline pilots flying near the West coast of Ireland. The pilots reported seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) off the Atlantic coast. I liked the idea that aliens might have chosen the remote West Coast as their first point of contact with human intelligence and imagined their impression of encountering music they might pick up on their radio transmitters. Folk, jazz, blues, the sound of waves and a resident string quartet playing Mozart all filtered through their airways causing much confusion to the alien species, particularly in their efforts to mimic and make sense of these strange musical forms. The resultant music you will hear tonight is a transcription of this celestial jam, originally performed by Aliens but here realised by humans in as accurate a manner as possible on these primitive earth instruments. You may note that towards the end of this transcription that our alien brothers and sisters gave up on their efforts and resorted back to something more like their own music before eventually heading back for the stars thinking that some things might be better left alone.