Suspect Device (Decibel version)

for amplified ensemble

Ed Bennett

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for amplified ensemble

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Composer Ed Bennett

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‘Suspect Device’ recycles material from the original song of the same name by Northern Irish Punk band Stiff Little Fingers. The band who were mainly active during the height of the Northern Irish ‘troubles’ in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s provided optimistic and energetic anthems for the disaffected Northern Irish Youth culture who wanted nothing to do with the violence and political rhetoric of the time (myself included). My work attempts to capture the spirit and energy of the original song but reinvents the original musical material in my own way.

Commissioned by Icebreaker. This arrangement was made for Decibel in 2015. The original Icebreaker version can be purchased here.

Please contact us directly to enquire about score and parts pricing.

Ed Bennett – Suspect Device Performed by Decibel as part of a portrait concert of the music of Ed Bennett recorded live at the Frontiers Festival, Birmingham 10/11/2015.