Circus Sounds

for soprano flute

Daniele Venturi

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for soprano flute

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Composer Daniele Venturi
Year of Composition 2016
Duration 9' 15"

Instrumentation Soprano Flute
Categories (all composers) , ,
Catalogue ID ce-dv1cs1


Circus Sounds is a composition for soprano flute written at the request of the American flutist Lisa Cella, an interpreter specialized in contemporary art music, whom the piece itself is dedicated to. In this composition the initial poetic idea is to recreate the imaginary sounds of a circus in an organized form.

With a musical writing that explores the performance limit of the soprano flute, particular performance techniques are investigated. They could be defined experimental and circus elements at the same time. The performer thus becomes a sort of tightrope walker on a string, suspended in the air and always at the limit between musical writing and his own playing limits.

Even in this piece the compositional system is based on a scale of 36 pitches, in which 24 non-tempered pitches are added to the chromatic total of 12 semitones.

The classic timbre of the flute through a highly refined musical writing is transfigured, assuming the guise of other instruments, often imaginary.

It can be said that in Circus sounds Venturi brings to light even more his tireless research and experimentation of sounds derived from electronic music, from the production methods of the human voice and from the playing techniques borrowed from other instruments. In particular, the composer draws particular timbral-sound cues from the timbre of the strings and percussion. He then moulds them for flute writing.

The idea of a vocal sound also persists in this composition by Venturi. This is a sort of ‘sound of the soul’, a stylistic figure of the composer, in whose poetics the idea of an ‘infinite song’ never stops, even if suspended in infinity.