The Unchanging Sea

Cantata for female voice, cello and laptop

Craig Vear

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Cantata for female voice, cello and laptop

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Composer Craig Vear

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The inspiration for this composition comes from two sources, D.W. Griffiths’ film ‘The Unchanging Sea’ (1910), and it’s inspiration, Charles Kingsley’s poem, ‘The Three Fishers’, used here as libretto. The central theme of these two sources deal with the emotion of loss, and presents the sea as a metaphor for this. The poem’s phrase ‘the harbour bar be moaning’ is a metaphor for the collective grief of a small fishing village whose fathers, brothers, sons are drowned at sea; and in the film the loneliness and isolation of loss in the presence of the lost one is the central narrative. This inner sense of feeling is where this music is positioned, and is composed of musical materials (text and sounding) that lead the mind to this place of ’empty hulks drifting in a harbour.’

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NOTE: These scores are based in software. Although they share many similar properties to that of paper based/traditional scoring methods, they also benefit from the usability and functionality of dynamic software environments. The visual information will be familiar to the musician and welcomed by a curious spirit of adventure. Above all, these scores are responsive, evolving as the performance progresses – giving the feeling of being alive – and should be considered as co-operative creative partners.

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