Suya Dalmak

for cello and tape

Charlotte Bray

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for cello and tape

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Composer Charlotte Bray
Year of Composition 2013
Duration ca.10'



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Catalogue ID ce-cb1sd1


Suya Dalmak is the result of a commission from cellist Isang Enders, forming part of a collection of works he is commissioning for cello and electronics, each piece based on one of the ancient Korean elements. I chose Water.

I asked people to talk to me about the sea, to tell me about their first experience or memories surrounding it- when was it, where, what did it feel like or sound like to be immersed or submerged in the water, what did the experience mean to them? I was given accounts of exquisite stories, invited to glimpse into people’s inner most worlds and intimate memories, something which was far more stimulating and beautiful than I could have imagined. These ‘voices’ formed the starting point for ‘Suya Dalmak’.

The title is Turkish, ‘dalmak’ meaning to dive, plunge into, to become abstracted, lost in thought, to enter (a place) suddenly; ‘Suya Dalmak’ literally meaning to dive into water. The first voice that I recorded was of a Turkish friend, a film maker, who told me a powerful account about how her relationship with the sea has changed because she can no longer dive into it, since being caught in a bomb explosion which burned her body and ruptured her ears. Her story became a driving force behind the piece at this early stage; it became about immersion in water, the state and the process.

NOTE: Performance of this work requires a tape part. Please contact Composers Edition to obtain a copy of the audio file.