for cello and piano

Charlotte Bray

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for cello and piano

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Composer Charlotte Bray
Year of Composition 2015
Duration ca.7'



Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-cb1p1


The work takes inspiration from the phenomenon known as a ‘Quasar’ or ‘Super Massive Black Hole’. Black Holes control the galaxies around them, sweeping matter out from the centre of the galaxy and this prevents it from creating new stars- a kind of cosmic recycling process. Captivating images have recently revealed that the Black Hole around ‘Perseus’, a constellation in the Northern hemisphere, dominates everything around it by feeding an extraordinary amount of radiation and energy out into the surrounding gas. The strange paradox is that a feeding Black Hole is the brightest source of life in the galaxy, greedy and luminous. This unseen and unknowable force fascinates and motivates me creatively. Exploring various imaginary states, this abstract source has found its way into the piece.