Jeux de Lignes

for clarinet, violoncello and accordion

Ion Marmarinos

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for clarinet, violoncello and accordion

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Composer Ion Marmarinos
Year of Composition 2020
Duration 6'30"

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Catalogue ID ce-im1jdl1


The piece is inspired by falling stars – meteorites on the night sky. As seen from the earth, their short life is initially perceived as an illuminated line, which disappears in space. In reality, they are debris from a comet or asteroid, which disintegrate as they enter the atmosphere. I combined both perspectives and pictured the night sky as a dome of stillness full of tiny scattered stars, colors, shapes of lights, and nebulae where flashes of lines are passing through.

The idea was initially stimulated from the accordion’s wide range of sound qualities, colors and dynamics – later distributed to all instruments and sections; from thick chords and an imposing low register to lively melodic lines and a delicate high whistling. The piece is organized in three sections: meteorites (birth and death of chords), journey in space (playfulness in fast dialogue) and entering the atmosphere where high register pitch sets in the accordion or clarinet interact with sets of cello harmonics to create layers of constantly overlapping harmonies…until they eventually disappear.