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Anthony Payne

Piano Quintet
Anthony Payne Piano Quintet

for string quartet and piano

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Piano Quintet - score (download)
Piano Quintet - score
Piano Quintet - score and parts (download)
Piano Quintet - score and parts

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Like the majority of my works, whether orchestral or chamber, this Piano Quintet is in one single movement; but unlike many it has no extra-musical assocications, either in poetic atmosphere, structure, or thematic material. What it does is take two types of material - motoric and active, slow and meditative - and alternate, vary and develop them, while alluding to all the main elements of traditional sonata and symphonic structures.

Thus the meditative material can suggest both a sonata-form second subject and a compact slow movement, while the active material can generate the broad sense of a sonata opening movement as well as a scherzando capriciousness. The overall structure can be summarised as follows: Exposition - pounding rhythms, bell-like chords, running passages and eventually a little two-part Invention; Interlude 1 - a short, initial view of the meditative, lyrical material; Development- built upon the exposition material; Interlude 2 - a much expanded treatment of 1; Recapitulation with Development- further working of the exposition's material; Coda/Apotheosis - using all previous themes,with the bell-like chords prominent.

Additional Information

Composer Anthony Payne
Year of Composition 2007
Instrumentation Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello
Duration ca. 17'
Student Difficulty -

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