Out of the Depths Comes Song

for violoncello and piano

Anthony Payne

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for violoncello and piano

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Composer Anthony Payne
Year of Composition 2008
Duration ca.8'
Categories (all composers) ,
Catalogue ID ce-ap1ootdcs1


As suggested by its title, the opening section of this compact little musical poem finds the cello launching a long, singing line in its lowest register. As it slowly climbs, the piano adds increasingly active figures until a short ‘scherzetto’ emerges, where the cello duets with the piano’s right hand in intricately interlocking material, with flourishes, trills and running demisemiquavers. The goal towards which these initial processes are angled is the ‘cantabile’ which now appears in the cello’s tenor register, supported simply by the piano’s chords and bare octaves. This song sinks back to the cello’s bottom C, echoed by the piano, which signals the piece’s mid-point; there follows a re-working of both ‘scherzetto’ and song. All the tiny events in the ‘scherzetto’ appear in reverse order and the song acquires a totally different accompaniment, with resonantly bi-tonal tremolandos. Finally, the opening section returns, again with its events reversed, to form a postlude.