Twinned Set

for solo bassoon

Anthony Gilbert

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for solo bassoon

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Composer Anthony Gilbert



Year of Composition



ca. 17'

Student Difficulty

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Catalogue ID ce-ag3ts1


In 2008, as part of a project initiated by The University of York Music Press, I wrote a pair of matching sets of seven ‘préludes’ (in the Debussian sense). Each piece in one ‘sept’ is a variation or adaptation of its non-identical twin in the other. The group for bass clarinet is called Set Two and its matching group is what we are about to hear. Each piece is a reflection upon a different painting, sculpture or photograph I’m particularly attached to, all created by musical colleagues with a flair for the visual arts, by artists with strong musical connections, or by myself. I should emphasise that the musical titles relate to the music rather than to the artworks.

The images are, respectively: 1. Icon by Susie MacMurray, former bassoonist and now sculptor of international reputation; 2. Elabyrinth by Conrad Clark, artist son of composer Elisabeth Lutyens; 3. Ghosting, a drawing by myself called Tritone tries for the Skies; 4. Cloud 7 by Celia Gilbert, former cellist and composer’s then-16-year-old daughter; 5. Blue Fan by Alix MacSweeney, painter and cellist; 6. Abstract with Violet by Julie Sassoon, composer, performer and painter; and 7. Stone Spiral by Alison Cox, composer and educationalist.