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Concorde EnsembleIreland’s first (and longest-lasting) contemporary music ensemble Concorde premiered Ed Bennett’s Strange Twist at the Susaa Festival in Naestved, Denmark in September.  On Saturday 22nd September, they will give the Irish premiere at the National Concert Hall as part of New Music Dublin 2018 Defrosted Explores ideas of transformation and euphoria where all of the musicians act …

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Borough New Music Rob KeeleySoon to launch its second season of concerts, Borough New Music kicks off with a Rob Keeley Portrait Concert Tues 2nd October.  Dan Goren caught up with Artistic Directors Clare Simmonds and Hollie Harding to find out more. DG Congratulations on putting together another impressive set of events for October ’18 to June ’19. Two things …

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Juanmanuel-FloresOn 21 September 2018, Mexican violinist Juanmanuel Flores will play Camden Reeves’s two works for detuned violin as part of the Norte Creativo 2018 Festival at the Escuela Adolfo Prieto in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Delphine HenrietDelphine Henriet will perform the world premiere of John Palmer’s new work for cello Somewhere at Ludwisburg Castle, Haakestiftung Konzert, Ludwigsburg, Germany on Sunday 16 September. We look forward to making Somewhere available at Composers Edition in due course.

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Ligeti QuartetWritten out of a fascination with astrology, Holst’s The Planets was first performed 100 years ago. But what would it sound like if created today? Inspired by modern astronomy and music, the adventurous Ligeti Quartet perform 8 new planetary works, created especially for planetariums, by 8 composers including Composers Edition’s Laurence Crane and Richard Bullen and feature …

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